Leaders in Training

Urban Stable’s Leaders in Training Program is open to students, grades 10-12, that have participated in the School Program and show strong leadership qualities. The program helps Leaders in Training participants gain work experience and skills while at the barn.

Urban Stable’s Leaders in Training volunteer their time as horse handlers assisting the younger students in the School Program to groom, tack, lead and ride their horse. A role that teaches the Leaders in Training participants important leadership, time management and assertiveness skills. The Leaders in Training are given experience and tools to equip them for their future workplace as they are required to complete a resume and go through a mock workplace interview scenario with either the Head Instructor or Program Director.

Students are assessed after each volunteer session by program staff in the form of a business performance report card which is sent to their school work experience supervisors. The time the Leaders in Training dedicate to Urban Stable volunteering can be discussed with schools and claimed by the students as volunteer credits.