Leadership Development

Urban Stable offers your team benefits that stick

Working on a leadership team is fun. You get to share ideas, hear different viewpoints and work with a group of people with a diverse set of skills, but sometimes teams struggle with misunderstandings, impatience, stress and conflicts. When your team struggles stress levels increase and productivity suffers. Urban Stable’s unique, experiential teambuilding sessions can address these common workplace challenges and get your team working together cohesively, reduce stress and help your team achieve their goals.  

Our unique program puts your team in a new environment with unique teachers – our horses. Doing hands-on activities with the horses in a safe, neutral environment allows your team to work together as equals, develop openness in communication, build trust, feel respected and feel heard. Through their experience at Urban Stable your team will gain long lasting benefits that will help your team maximize their potential.  

We would love to work with you and your team. For more information or to book a session contact: hayley@urbanstable.ca 

Benefits to Your Team

We will teach you how to work with and effectively communicate with the horses, who in turn will create life changing experiences for your team members to learn and grow.

Your team will gain strategic, group and individual benefits that are immediate as well as long-lasting from participating in one of our team building sessions. Benefits include (but are not limited to):

  • Improved communication
  • Strengthened connections on the team
  • Development of self-awareness and social awareness
  • Increased confidence
  • Prioritization skills
  • Focus and planning skills
  • Leadership development
  • Personal discovery
  • Growth in trust
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved and creative problem-solving skills
  • Team collaboration rather than competition

We can customize your session to meet your needs.

What To Expect

Your team will spend approximately three hours at Urban Stable, working with the horses and our facilitators. Sessions include:

  • Introduction and team discussion
  • Hands-on activities with the horses designed to help your team develop skills and awareness they can apply at work
  • Time to reflect on what is being learned from the horses, from each other and about yourself
  • Verbal and written feedback and discussion are encouraged to help your team transfer the skills they develop with the horses and each other back to the workplace
  • A fun, relaxed, safe environment that will help your team grow in leaps and bounds

How Can Horses Teach All This?

As a prey animal, in order to survive, horses are extremely sensitive to their environment and to those around them. They are able to recognize and understand our feelings and behaviours often before we do, which helps us recognize these feelings and behaviours so we can grow and change as individuals and as a team. Anything a horse is doing is simply a reflection of what we are doing or feeling.

Because horses react to the stimulus of participants, they naturally give direct, honest, non-judgemental and immediate feedback about participants’ behaviours and feelings. Participants can see, through the horse, how their behaviours affect others as well as how their behaviours affect the goals they are trying to achieve.

In order to work successfully with a horse, we need to become aware of ourselves, our teams and surroundings and respond confidently, consistently, clearly and compassionately. Working successfully with a horse requires the same skills it takes to work successfully with people. Plus, learning all this from a horse experientially means we develop and use these skills immediately, rather than just making a list of tips and traits of effective teamwork and leadership like we might do in a traditional team or leadership workshop. 

Booking Your Workshop

To find out more information and book your team building session contact us.  

Testimonials from Previous Workshop Participants

“I was able to understand my communication style and communicate with my colleagues more effectively.” 

“The horses reminded me to slow down and listen.” 

“The activities helped me organise my thoughts and best strategize with my associates. I am excited to use these skills in my next staff briefing meeting.”

Social Benefits

By participating in Urban Stable’s Team Building Workshops you are not only supporting and developing your team, you are also supporting the students in Urban Stable’s youth programs. You are giving youth who are struggling to engage at school for a variety of reasons, such as learning difficulties, autism, or struggling with the loss of a parent or sibling, the opportunity to attend our life changing programs.

Working with the horses in our alternative classroom students are able to grow and unbridle their potential, becoming reengaged with themselves, their education and their communities. Through participation in an Urban Stable Team Building Workshop you will become a part of this unique, life changing work.

Book your Team Building session today and feel good that you are not only helping your team, but also helping youth in our communities unbridle their potential at the same time!