Unmounted Programs

At Urban Stable we know the benefits our horses provide suppresses that of riding. Interacting with these powerful, yet sensitive, empathic, and non-judgemental animals provide an opportunity for us to build connections, trust, and long-lasting relationships. All participants will be instructed by Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA) certified instructors and assisted by trained volunteers.

Students connecting with horses over fenceHorse Connection Program

The Horse Connection Program is an unmounted program, consisting of accessible horse activities and experiences customized to the student’s abilities and needs. These can include sensory therapeutic touch, fine and gross motor skills, coordination, balance, stability, and emotional well-being while spending time in nature. Students work with the horses from the ground, we will not be riding. 

Contact the office for registration forms and program availability – spaces are limited. 


adult connection with horses over fenceExplore Horses Program

Immerse yourself in nature and explore the colourful world of hoses. The Explore Horses Program is an unmounted program for people who want to learn more about horses. From the ground (we will not be riding), students will learn how to safely interact with the horse while gaining their trust and building relationships. You’ll learn how to halter, groom, and lead your horse, grow in confidence, gain physical and emotional well-being, and develop leadership skills in our stable environment. 

At Urban Stable students are given time to pause and reflect in what they are learning from the horses and their teammate(s). 

Contact the office for registration forms and program availability – spaces are limited. 

Educational Barn Tours

Explore the barn and see where the magic begins. Learn about our horses: discover their personalities; their likes and dislikes; colours; markings; breeds; bedding; brushes; what they like to eat; and why they are the “real teachers”. See the adaptive tack and equipment we use, the other farmyard animals, and much more on an Urban Stable fun, educational Barn Tour!

Have fun and feel good knowing you’re giving back. Urban Stable’s Barn Tours are operated as a fundraiser where all funds raised from these Barn Tours and Field Trips go back into our mission based programming helping youth-in-need to attend our unique equine assisted learning programs. Students learn critical social-emotional life skills while participating in our experiential learning programs with horses, empowering them to positively engage in their education, home life, and community.

Contact the office for Barn Tour registration forms and availability – spaces are limited.