Peyton and Ms. Piffles

Person and Horse

Peyton is a student in our School Program and has attended for two years. Peyton is passionate about her bond with her horse, Ms. Piffles, and works so hard to learn how to best care for and be a good friend to Ms. Piffles. When we asked Peyton what Ms. Piffles and Urban Stable have taught her, this is what she sent us:

My speech:  

You only live one life on this earth, you don’t know what is going to happen 3 months from now, you don’t know what will happen a day from now. Do you? Well, if you are trying to be gentle, if you are trying to find a leader in yourself, if you are having hard times at school and stressed out every single time the teacher hands out a new assignment, then hear me out.

I never knew I would like horses because I always felt so intimidated standing by one, never mind riding one. Ever since I went to Urban Stable they helped me with my fear of horses, they helped me want to live my life and try new things. I never knew I would even get the opportunity to ride a horse in my life or GROOM it. When I heard we get to ride, groom, and talk to our horse I was so excited.

Urban Stable has helped me out a lot in life, school, family, friendships, and more. Ms. Piffles always kind of just makes me feel like I have no need to be stressed. Ms. Piffles is always posing for the camera and always ready to get the job done. Thank you, Urban Stable, Carla, Hayley, and Ms. Piffles.  

Love, Peyton

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