Program Update

People in arena, student riding horse

Our 2021/2022 Urban Stable program is well underway. We love having our students at the barn in-person this year. They are unbridling their potential a little more every class and in every interaction with their horse. 

In the fall our students worked hard on developing relationships with their horses. Learning about the things their horses like and don’t like, as well as how to apply this knowledge, helped them be good friends and partners to their horses.

The communication, empathy, awareness of self and others and teamwork the students developed through building a relationship with their horse are the same meaningful skills they can use to build strong, healthy relationships with friends, classmates and families.

Now in the winter our students are using the strong relationships, self-confidence and trust they built with their horses to learn how to ride. What an incredible experience to trust yourself and your horse so much to learn to work as a team in the saddle. 

The pride and joy of the students as they realize the strength and potential they each have beams from their faces, even the faces that are out of practice at showing how they feel. 

The world is so uncertain and the extra challenges our students face socially, mentally and emotionally can make navigating life difficult. Having a consistent, safe environment to learn and grow with non-judgemental, four-legged teachers and friends makes all the difference. 

We are so proud of what our students have already accomplished and we are excited to watch them continue to grow as they learn with and from their horses.