Program Update – Spring 2023

youth with horses and helpers

Our fall program was a blast! The weather cooperated and the students were really engaged getting to know their horses and themselves.

In the fall our students focused on building relationships with their horses, learning what their horses like and don’t like, developing trust as a human and horse team, and learning practical skills to care for their horses, like grooming, picking feet, leading and saddling.  

What is so important about this connection and relationship with the horse that we spend so much time on it? What do students get from it?

  • Belonging
  • Empathy
  • Awareness of how we affect others
  • Creating healthy boundaries 
  • Feelings of safety and stability
  • Connection
  • Compassion
  • Confidence
  • Healthy interactions with others
  • Trust
  • Partnership with, not power over

Oh my, that list got long in a hurry.

And these important skills, feelings, and areas of personal growth don’t stop at the students’ relationships with their horses. This growth spills over into relationships with self, friends, peers, family, and community.

Our students are encouraged to see these connections between their experiences at the barn and their experiences at school and at home. Students are encouraged to grow these skills they develop with their horse, helping them engage with their education, environment, and those around them. 

Thanks horses for starting this journey of personal success for the youth in our programs. We can’t wait to see what they learn as they climb into the saddle this winter and spring!