Program Update – Spring 2024

student on practice barrel

We had an amazing fall program this year! The students got to know their new, four-legged friends, building strong relationships with them as well as their teammates. The students learned what the horses like and don’t like, how to groom, pick out hooves, lead and saddle. The students grew in assertiveness, communication and confidence. This bond of trust with their horse gave them the courage to try new difficult skills and discover how to conquer them!

Over these upcoming sessions the students will be mounting up and working on their riding skills. We are so excited to see what the students achieve as they learn to ride this spring!

A newfound sense of pride in their accomplishments is the cornerstone for a future filled with personal success for each student. How incredible it is to see the students connecting the dots between their experiences at the barn and their experiences at school and at home. By nurturing connection, compassion, empathy and belonging, students undergo personal growth and unbridle their potential.

Attending Urban Stable encourages students to engage with their education, environment, and those around them, creating resilient communities and spreading hope. Thank you for being the catalyst for positive change in the lives of youth in our programs.