Program Update

3 kids riding horses giving a high five

As school staff know too well, many of the struggles youth face (e.g., depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, grief) have been heightened for 1 ½ years with changes to school routines, isolation from friends and family and cancellation of activities. Youth need that calming connection and experiential learning with horses now more than ever. We see a need to do more going forward, not less, for our current participants and also for other individuals or groups who are struggling.

We are pleased to have students from our participating schools and community partners coming back to Urban Stable this fall so we can provide the support our students desperately need.

This year will be one of rebalancing for us at Urban Stable. We made it through the challenges of the last year, with huge thanks to the support of the Winnipeg Foundation and the Graham C. Lount Family Foundation, as well as from all of you. In our rebalancing year we will continue to support youth, recover from the effects of the pandemic and provide opportunities for new school and community partners to come to Urban Stable and unbridle youth potential. We will continue to do all of this, just on a smaller scale this year than we had planned for pre-pandemic.

Our School Program will remain at the same smaller size it was last year in order to accommodate the still uncertain changes and health regulations that face us. Our classes will be groups of two students, rather than our usual four, and we are so excited to be moving forward with in-person programs. We can’t wait to welcome our students into the barn where they can connect with, and experience their horses, not just virtually but physically. 

Our school and community partners are, as always, extremely supportive and excited to have Urban Stable programs available as a positive, life changing opportunity for their students who are struggling and often underrepresented. We see the amazing growth students experience at Urban Stable and are gifted with stories from their teachers and families about how they see that growth shine at school and at home. 

We are glad to be back in action, in-person at the barn, and can’t wait to see how the horses unbridle the potential in our students this year!