Raj’s Story…

Raj (who’s name and pictures have been changed to protect his privacy) was struggling. He found it hard to focus and was disconnected at school and at home. Raj’s behaviour was defiant and disruptive and his grades at school had fallen. In the past Raj’s teacher had found Raj to be a helpful and dedicated student. His teacher couldn’t understand why Raj had taken such a negative turn… Raj had lost his mother. The family was grieving and it was evident Raj was having a hard time dealing with his grief.

Raj’s school counsellor knew Urban Stable could help Raj feel cared for and special and that horses are healers who could help Raj through his grieving process. The school counsellor offered this life changing and healing opportunity to Raj.

At first Raj was unsure if Urban Stable was right for him as he was a little nervous of the horses, but each week as Raj spent time with his horse his uncertainty diminished. In his horse Raj found comfort and friendship. While Raj groomed his horse or waited for his turn to mount he would stroke and hug his horse and whisper in his horse’s ear. Raj’s connection with his horse was healing his aching heart.

Through Raj’s relationship with his horse Raj became more confident and willing to engage positively with the world around him. He began interacting and building relationships with his Urban Stable teammates and he found the strength to deal with the strong emotions of grief he was experiencing. Raj reconnected at school and at home and his behaviour and grades improved.

In his horse Raj found a deep, comforting, non-judgmental connection which helped him open up to his school counsellor and develop self control as he worked through his grieving process. Raj will always remember his mom and now, through his connection with his horse, Raj is able to take positive steps toward healing so he can reach his potential.

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“Urban Stable is fun because it’s made me smile every time I have had a bad day.
It’s overall fun.” –  Raj, 12 years old