Red River Co-op Grant

This fall we have been offering a combination of in-person and virtual learning as it fits for our schools and students as well as the current public health guidelines. This requires additional equipment and staff time to create our virtual materials. While this does not replace the benefits of hands-on learning, it is the next best thing for our students, keeping them connected and engaged with their horses and their personal learning and growth through Urban Stable. 

Red River Co-op has awarded us a grant to cover some of the extra costs required to create, develop and purchase equipment for our virtual programming and learning opportunities. We are so grateful that Red River Co-op has seen the shifting needs in the community and has stepped up to help make a difference, giving support and stability to Urban Stable and the youth we serve in these challenging times. 

Thank you Red River Co-op! This grant is helping us keep connected to our students and give them the opportunity to unbridle their potential even in the midst of a pandemic.