Rookie Rider Barrel

kid on barrel

Meet our new horse! Okay, barrel that wears a saddle. But it has earned a few nicknames from our students, “Roogie”, “Maple”, and “Fred”, to name a few.

“Roogie/Maple/Fred” is a Rookie Rider barrel which is part of an innovative Equestrian Canada program designed to provide an introduction to horseback riding.

Manitoba Horse Council has provided us use of this barrel to assist in teaching our students how to safely mount and dismount from their horse, as well as give them an opportunity to feel what it is like to sit on a horse before they try the real thing. 

Many of our students struggle with fear, anxiety and a lack of self-confidence. The opportunity to practice some of the skills they will need for riding before they get on their real horse has been an amazing opportunity for them to build their confidence and prepare them for the challenge. 

Thank you Manitoba Horse Council for supporting Urban Stable and the youth we serve!