School Program Fall Update

Urban Stable School Program is in full swing! We have about 1/3 returning students this fall, that are really excited to be with the horses again, learn new leadership skills, confidence and are looking forward to making new friends. Plus we have new students joining us this year that are eager to get right in there grooming their horses and to learn to ride independently. Classes have been going well, the students are engaged and passionate to learn in our alternative classroom and from their horse.

This year our lesson theme is “Trail Challenge”- the students will work together in teams to complete obstacles one might find on a trail ride. Each student will select an obstacle they want to challenge with their teammates such as: ‘The Toll Bridge’, ‘The Forbidden Forest’, or ‘The Cliffs Edge’! These challenges will focus on teamwork, communication, listening, coordination and leadership skills. (Note: All obstacles pose no danger or harm to horse or student. All obstacles will be represented by poles or cones.)

Our faithful team of volunteers have joined us again this session. We are so thankful to our volunteers as we could not run our program without them. Thank you!

We are always looking for more volunteers that are available during the day on week days. If you know of anyone that might be interested, or if you want to make a difference in a youth’s life and help them unbridle their potential consider volunteering for Urban Stable (some horse experience preferred). Contact Hayley at for more information.