Stories from the Classroom

“As a teacher, I have used my students’ connections to Urban Stable on many occasions in the classroom. I am reminded of a student who was a reluctant writer in the classroom but was very motivated by her experiences in the barn. When we restructured a writing assignment to incorporate her learning from the Urban Stable program, this student found new levels of writing confidence and motivation. She had found a topic she loved to elaborate on and felt she could share with others. I’ve also seen Urban Stable help shy students to have experiences they want to share verbally. This connection helped me as a teacher to build stronger relationships with them because we could regularly chat about the program.” 

Students who are referred to Urban Stable sometimes struggle with learning difficulties, find it hard to concentrate in the classroom or may have become disengaged from their education. This is where learning at Urban Stable’s alternative classroom (the barn) comes in; the experiences the students have at the barn with the horses can help them connect with their education at school and strengthen their learning in the classroom.

Way to go horse and human teachers! Keep up the good work supporting and connecting students to their education and communities and helping them achieve personal success.