Student Celebrations

Students riding horses

Our School Program wrapped up for the year with our students celebrating their accomplishments with friends and family on their last day of class – Celebration Day! 

Celebration Days are a highlight of the year for students, students’ friends, family and schools, and Urban Stable staff and volunteers. On Celebration Day the students invite a few guests to come see all they have been working on at Urban Stable.

It is amazing to watch the students proudly show off their horsemanship, riding, leadership, teamwork, and communication skills with their horses and teammates.

On their Celebration Day, students showcased a special musical ride they worked hard on over the last number of weeks to learn. As a team, students picked patterns to ride as a group, then put it together with music, making their own personal musical ride. Students’ guests got a real treat in watching their own unique show!

Recognizing the hard work each student has put in to overcome challenges, and seeing the payoff in the development of new life skills like patience, confidence, self-esteem, awareness, and self-regulation, highlighted even more on Celebration Day, is the best! 

Congratulations Students!