Thank You Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation!

We want to thank the Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation! Their generous support will allow more students the incredible opportunity to attend Urban Stable programming and learn the invaluable lessons our four legged equine friends have to teach!

The Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation is dedicated to helping children’s charities in Manitoba by providing much needed funds to support the amazing work that they do. By allowing our youngsters to access the resources they need to succeed we are creating the bedrock our future will be built on.

Investing in today’s youth has ripple effects in all of our tomorrows. It is a cascade of positive change that will be felt by everyone, far and wide. Let the future begin in your own backyard; support the development of a young life by making dreams come true, one hoofprint at a time.

Thank You Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation!