Urban Stable Launches Summer Pilot Program

Urban Stable Summer Pilot Program – Summer 2015

Urban Stable has joined with community partner Family Dynamics to offer a Summer Program for disadvantaged youth. We are very thankful for the GAK Grant that was awarded to Family Dynamics that together with funding from Manitoba Community Services Council Inc. allowed us to create this pilot project.

Eight youth, referred to us by Family Dynamics staff at Tuxedo Resource Centre, participated in the Summer Program in July and August of 2015. The program was a great success! While having fun playing games with their horses students made new friends and developed their communication, leadership, social and emotional skills. Summer Program is all about fun and games!

Staff and volunteers at Urban Stable are planning to take what they learned this summer to continue and expand the Summer Program in 2016. We want to be able to provide this opportunity to as many youth as possible! Watch this space for more information and news about the 2016 Summer Program!