Wyatt’s Story – Starring Brownie

Person and two horses

Wyatt has been in the Alumni program for three years and has gained so much learning from his horse:

Hi, my name is Wyatt and I ride Brownie. I like riding Brownie because it is very enjoyable. I’m always excited to come to Urban Stable and hang out with Brownie and everyone too. Sometimes I have trouble with getting Brownie where I want her to go, but after a while we come through and work together as a team. It’s always a great day when I’m able to come to the barn and ride for a little bit, and after my time is up, I just can’t wait until next time.
I’ve learned that Brownie is a very jumpy horse and is easily distracted by birds in the arena. I’ve had to show Brownie she should be focusing on what we’re doing. Brownie has taught me to stay calm and to think about where I want to go. Brownie has taught me to not give up when I can’t do something, but to keep trying until I get it done.
I really enjoy coming to Urban Stable and I hope it can still be around for more kids to go and ride a horse for an afternoon or morning. The first time I went to Urban Stable I wasn’t sure if I should do it, but now I’m so happy I decided to take the morning to ride a horse at Urban Stable.

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